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Electrical Service & Maintenance

Service for lighting, outlets, circuits, or whatever electrical issues you’re having.

Parking Lot Lighting installation

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance & Design

Keep a well-lite parking lot. We help with the designs, installs, repairs, and beyond.

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Tenant Space Improvement

Need to improve the ambiance in your commercial building? We’ve got lighting solutions.

Cutting Wire

Service Upgrades

Ready to update lighting fixtures, old wiring, or outdated electrical? Let’s get started. 

Outdoor lighted stairs

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Indoor or outdoor, we’ve got solutions to your lighting needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reasons for a circuit breaker to trip are either because the circuit is overloaded, short-circuited, or a ground fault. No matter the reason behind a circuit breaker tripping, the best thing to do is unplug the appliances in that room and call a professional. When DIYing electrical work, you risk shock, burns, or property damage. It’s best to let an expert take care of the issue.  

Electrical service panels are designed to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. If you’ve been in your home for that long, or are moved into an existing home, your panel may be outdated.  

There are many solutions to make your home brighter. Start first with your light source. Is it large enough to brighten the area? Is the bulb too dim? Are you able to place it closer to the living space? Consider these questions, and contact us at Logan Electric and we’ll help you install or replace your light fixtures. If you’re having issues with your parking lot lighting, we can also design and install lighting.

Absolutely. We can perform a whole property electrical inspection to locate and diagnose any electrical dangers in your business. We’ll provide a comprehensive list of what we’ve found and an affordable solution.  

We sure do! We’ve got the knowledge and equipment to repair, replace, or install light fixtures both inside and outside of your business.


Based on 104 reviews
Kwabena Boateng
Kwabena Boateng
August 4, 2023
Wanted to take a moment to share how honest this company is. They will let customers know exactly what needs to be done. They are not like other companies that needs your money without finding the true root cause of the problem. Thanks again Logan electric
July 26, 2023
Logan’s hits all high quality check marks.
Timothy Knezevich
Timothy Knezevich
July 12, 2023
I made several calls and messages to another electrical company the day I needed service. No response at all from them. Then I remembered hearing that Logan was located nearby. I called them and explained what I needed. While I was on the phone they reached out to one of their techs to see if he could come that day. Before I hung up they told me a tech would be to me in an hour. He arrived early and solved the problems for me. He worked clean and was professional and so very helpful. I will never call anyone else again for my electrical needs. Thank you to everyone at Logan Electric.
July 11, 2023
Logan Electricians are wonderful,courteous,and very clean.Luis and Spencer did an excellent job and did very great job of cleaning up. I would recommend them for any Electric Job. Thank You Felicia Miller Job well done
Venesia Turner
Venesia Turner
July 10, 2023
Hello everyone my name is Venesia. I want to share my experience. With London electric service I’m so grateful and thankful to find them on this website. I recently was having some issue with my lights in my home, and as a single mother, it is extremely hard to go without light and to find the right person to come and fix your problems is even harder because everyone want to charge you a fortune, not caring about your situation, and what you have to go through as a single parent, but this company sure did care. It was not about the money for them but to make sure people was comfortable and taken care of in their home. These are some incredible guys that work at London electric service. They were fast they were understanding and they got the job done , whenever one else was running away from the problem, they face it head on and came and did an extraordinary job for me at my house. I am so grateful and thankful for them and I will recommend them for anyone. and will use them again in the future they definitely do know how to deliver . And they know their job.
Joseph Horneman
Joseph Horneman
July 3, 2023
Steve Holder
Steve Holder
June 20, 2023
If I could give Logan 6 stars I would. I got myself in a pickle and man they saved the day. My wife and I had a home built about 25 years ago and it had no ceiling lights in the hallway the livingroom or the den. My wife decided we need more light in these rooms as our eyes are not what they were. She was was right. Well she mentioned this at a dinner we had with lots of family and a young nephew offered to do it for us. He started and wired some of it and then had to go overseas for a while. After being reminded several times a day to do something about finishing the job, I called Logan and asked then to come out ready to finish the job. They sent 2 techs out who checked all the wiring that had been done and finished installing wiring, ceiling boxes, wall boxes, switches and fixtures as well as adding a new recepticle in a room for us. After they finished they cleaned up all traces of having been here very throughly. So yes will be calling them as soon as the wife decides we need some electrical work and will do it before she mentions it to anybody in the family again. Now I move on to get the holes in the wall my nephew cut fixed (that I now know were not necessary).
Jessie Rowley
Jessie Rowley
June 19, 2023
Shane and the staff of Logan Electric was very instrumental in repairs done at our Nursing Home, had a lot of people depending on them and they came through.
Malien Lane
Malien Lane
June 16, 2023
Professional & friendly .
Veronica Richardson
Veronica Richardson
June 13, 2023
Chris and Spencer replaced my kitchen light they did an excellent job plus they were very professional and on time. I will definitely utilize their services next to replace another light fixture. I highly recommend Logan's Electric.