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Ready to get started with your electrical repair, inspection, maintenance, or upgrade? We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services for all electrical needs. 

Our reputation proceeds us as the local, trustworthy option. Ensure your home or business is safe and sound when you choose Logan Electric as your electrical contractor. We’re ready to take on your project! 

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Electrical Services To Your Rental Property

As a landlord or commercial property owner, you’re responsible for the electrical system of your tenant’s space. It’s an everyday, essential part of your renter’s lives, so you’ll want to make sure your electrical system is up to code and safe so there is no potential to cause injuries to your tenants, or damage or fires to your property. To keep an up-to-date, well-maintained, safe electrical system, call Logan Electric. We provide landlords with electrical inspections, maintenance, repairs, installations, or replacements. We’ll make sure your apartment complex or rental home meets all of the legal requirements that landlords must comply with for the electrical safety standards when renting out a property. We’ll also give you solutions to optimize your energy efficiency, cutting your energy bills down.

Don’t chance an electrical disaster when it comes to renting out your property. For the safety of your renters and your property, call the experts at Logan Electrical Services, and we’ll provide you with affordable, high-quality solutions to your electrical problems.

Get A Whole House Inspection

From outlets to light fixtures and everything in between, a landlord must ensure that their rental property’s electrical system is operating properly before a tenant takes possession of the unit. It’s actually required by law. For example, if a tenant’s outlet stops working, the landlord is responsible for finding the root problem and arranging a repair (and that’s where we come in to help). 

When it comes to ensuring the safety of an electrical system in a rental property, start with a whole home safety inspection from a licensed and insured electrician, like our pros at Logan Electric. We recommend routine preventative maintenance. We’ll be able to detect smaller issues and prevent them from turning into a bigger, more costly repair

A landlord can ask tenants to carry out regular visual checks and report on any electrical mishaps. This way, if there is anything out of the ordinary with your rental property, you’ll know about it, and be able to schedule a repair sooner. Tenants can check for broken casing or plugs, damaged cables or wires, loose parts or wires, cracks, dents, or bent parts, or missing parts. But for their safety, make sure they don’t DIY a repair. Instead, call our professionals and we’ll have your electrical issue taken care of in no time.  


Had to have Logan Electric come and rewire my business. The previous tenant cut all the electric wires in the building and it was a huge headache. Logan electric calm my nerves and took care of the problem in sufficient time. Thank you for all your help and for making life a little easier for me.

Art C.

Work is superb! Had my old panel changed out within a few hours. Kept me informed on the process from start to finish. Super coordinated with the county and power company. If I need any additional electrical work I will be calling Logan Electric Service.

Ace B.

Logan Electric saved the day. 3 hours before closing on the sale of my house I lost power to one of my rooms. Logan Electric came out when every other local company told me it would be weeks before they could help. Thank you for your help.

Amanda S.

What a pleasure it was working with Logan Electric. Wonderful customer service, wonderful employees. Overall Very pleased with this company. Thank you Logan Electrical for everything!

April L.

Quick to answer, quick to come out, and incredibly easy to work with. I'm very impressed after using these guys twice now. Also had a minor issue and when I addressed it with the owner's son Mike, his attitude and customer service were AWESOME! It's rare to be heard, understood, and treated like a person and not just a number. I highly recommend them for their work and customer service!

Stephen M.

By far the most reasonable, thorough, and customer service-oriented electric company in the area. This company gets a WOW from me with my quick and speedy residential service I needed done in my home. Technician was out next day, work completed, with great communication and thorough assessment of the problem. The gentleman who answers the phones explains everything so thoroughly and what could be the problem and does a lot of education over the phone and his kindness, demeanor, and excellent customer service could not be better. Truly an excellent customer service experience all the way around. Couldn’t of been happier with this company and their service. Highly recommend! Will most definitely use them from now on!

Colin M.